The World's Largest Dungeon

Day 3: Mosquitoes, and Ogres, and Fail-Elves! Oh, my!

The party finds themselves yet again, at the end of another unnecessary skirmish. Everyone appears to be in decent shape, everyone except Althalus. Adonnick shakes his head in disappointment as he casts yet another of his healing spells for the day on Althalus. “I should meditate if you plan on staying alive longer than six hours” Adonnick stated, directing his words at Althalus. Tukk Tukk, joining from the adjacent room grunted in agreement. Two consecutive 24 hour shifts guarding the party without any sleep was beginning to take it’s toll on him.

“Tukk Tukk scout ahead, make sure it safe. You go to room and sleepy Adonnick.” Tukk Tukk said before he headed back into the corridor and eastward toward the other set of open doors. The others agreed and headed back into the room with the only known bed. Tukk was determined to find the source of that scream, he had not forgotten about it as the others seem to have. Making his way closer to the corner, the awful aroma of funk began to assault his nostrils. Whatever was up that hallway, he wanted nothing to do with and made his way towards the nearest doorway.

The room was empty, and the adjacent door was opened. The room had an eerie silence to it, a very eerie silence. Tukk gripped the hilt of his greataxe, even under severe battle-fatigue he was not going down without a fight. Stepping across the next threshold a low humming sound began to fill his ear canals. Before Tukk could react, two tiny mosquitoes came barreling into the room straight for Tukk’s throat. Despite their size Tukk was not about to underestimate them by any means. Swiftly drawing his greataxe Tukk took a massive swing and connected with the nearest Mosquito sending it spiraling into the wall with a satisfying splat. The second mosquito took the opportunity to dive in for the attack, and connected with Tukk’s neck, taking a large gulp of blood as it’s reward. Swatting it off and preparing to deliver a killing blow two more mosquitoes decided to join the party, each looking for their piece of the 250lb meal. Several moments later, Tukk Tukk emerges victorious and makes his way back to the others, taking the carcasses with him to show the others the latest challenge this dungeon has tried to spit there way.

Meanwhile in the other room, the party just begins to settle in as Tukk crosses the threshold and tosses the four corpses of the mosquitoes to the floor for all to see. Visible wounds oozing with blood cover Tukk, little thought is needed as to where the wounds came from when one sees the bloodstained needle-like mouths of the mosquitoes. Without a single word Adonnick rushes to Tukk and begins to heal his wounds, using up the last of his cure spells for the day.

“Alright, now I really do need to meditate or we won’t be getting much farther at this rate.” Adonnick said.

“Tukk Tukk really tired, Tukk Tukk go to bed now” Tukk stated as he yawned. Sliding into the corner nearest the door, Tukk props his head against the hilt of his greataxe and begins to snore softly, at least as softly as a half-orc can.

The cogs began to move in Althalus’s head as a smirk plastered his face, “Tukk found a new room, maybe there is some treasure in there” he thought to himself. Daenerys just so happened to catch a glimpse of the smirk and knew immediately what Althalus was thinking, trying to stop him she said “let’s wait for Tukk to rest before we go anywhere so we can stick together.” Yet alas, this was not a good enough argument for the treasure hungry grey-elf.

Following the trail of blood out of the room, Althalus began his hunt yet again for treasure. Adonnick taking off his armor as Althalus passed scoffed “try not to die will you.”, and sat down to begin his daily meditation. Daenerys sighed, and followed after Althalus hoping to keep him out of trouble, little did she know what lied ahead.

The trail of blood ended in the room that Tukk held off the mosquitoes in, there was nothing. Althalus was extremely disappointed, and was ready to head back when suddenly his keen elven ears heard something in the distance. Before he could warn Daenerys a swarm of mosquitoes stormed the room, at first there were only five, one managed to nick Althalus in the neck, nearly disabling him. Then as quickly as those five entered, another five emerged. Althalus quickly withdrew, trying to get as far away from them as possible, he saw what they did to Tukk and wanted no part of it. The mosquitoes immediately picked up that the small grey-elf was no longer of any threat to them, all ten began to focus their attention on the small wild-elf that had been left behind. Daenerys flailed her arms around hoping to connect on at least one but alas they were two small to hone in on, she too began to retreat. Daenerys got as far as the threshold before she was knocked unconscious, drained of all energy. Althalus began shouting for help, hoping the sleeping Tukk would be able to hear his frantic shouts for help.

In the other room, Tukk hears a faint call for help. “Tukk help, hurry!”. Tukk grumbles he was just beginning to dream of a fresh breeze and a proper meal. “Wake up” Tukk shouted as he ran past Adonnick and into the direction of Althalus’s voice. Making his way around the corner just in time to watch Althalus pull the trigger on his crossbow, and a look of “Oh shit” wash over his face. Tukk charged into the room and let out a mighty yell, attempting to scare the mosquitoes away from the unconscious Daenerys. Looking down at her he noticed that she was still breathing, despite having a swarm of mosquitoes attacking her, and a shiny bolt sticking out of her backside.

While Tukk’s roar didn’t scare off the mosquitoes it did cause them to re-evaluate how much food they could get before they had to run off without being killed. The mosquitoes began to fight among themselves over who was next to get a bite of the succulent elf. Tukk took this opportunity to grab Daenerys and make his way back to the safety of their room. Knowing that she didn’t have much longer in this realm he threw her over his shoulders and made haste towards Adonnick, hoping he was awake enough to save her from the brink of death.

With the door in site the life-force of Daenerys started slipping away, it seemed as if she was really going to die, and so close to Adonnick. Yet before her soul was able to leave this plane, the Lantern Archon appeared suddenly and began to glow brightly. A warm radiant feeling began to flow over the area surrounding Daenerys. Muttering only “silly humanoids” the Archon disappeared again. When things settle down again, Tukk resumes his position by the door hoping to get some sleep before the grey-elf decided to do anything else unnecessarily reckless. This time Tukk closed the door and propped up against it so that Althalus couldn’t leave unsupervised.

After a rather uneventful, but much needed rest the party finds themselves yet again at the hands of hunger and thirst. After a quick meal, the adventures began to move on, heading north per the Archon’s suggestion. A rejuvenated Tukk took the lead, after an hour or so of exploring a new doorway was visible up ahead. Tukk heard a familiar noise, the sound of running water. Stepping across the threshold Tukk saw that the sound was coming from four pillars, one in each corner of the large room. Each pillar had a channel cut into it to allow water to run down and collect in a small pool around them.

While admiring the room, Tukk barely caught a glimpse of an Ogre rushing towards him. Managing to dodge out of the way, Tukk grabbed hold of his greataxe and took a mighty swing, connecting with the Ogre’s midsection. A shock wave of pain overcame the Ogre, it had not felt such strength in many years, this was a worthy opponent and the Ogre had no intentions of dying today not after it has done so much to survive.

“Stupid ogre, one does not fuck with Tukk Tukk!” Tukk roared, as he prepped his greataxe for another blow.

“Parlay!” the Ogre begged, holding onto his weapon defensively encase this Orc had no mercy.

Another blow from Tukk drops the Ogre to one knee, his Greatclub falls from his hand as his life flashes before his eyes. “I’d rather die to a worthy opponent, then squiddies the Ogre thought to himself.” The Ogre closes his eyes and prepares for the last blow when suddenly Tukk speaks up saying “Parlay accepted, if you draw your club, they’ll call you nub.” The Ogre nodded, and sat down. After Adonnick took a look at the wounds on the Ogre, Tukk and began to speak.

Through the conversation between Tukk & Bragdor(Ogre) the party learned a great deal about what was going on in this cell block. Apparently a “ratman” hired on a party of kobolds, lizardmen, and orcs to work for him and get treasure from the dungeon. Bragdor was employed by the Orc called Orghar, and has been waiting for him in this room since the party of Orcs he was with had been ambushed by what he called “Squiddies”. After the conversation Bragdor offered to guard the room for them, until Orghar returned for him. Having been warned about what lies up ahead the party departs from the company of Bragdor, and again heads north, towards the supposed ‘O’ cell block, and hopefully an exit from this hellish dungeon.

Making their way up the long corridor the party came across another door, peering inside they were able to see a giant stone pillar, some 10 ft. in diameter and rising from floor to ceiling, dominating the center of the room. Defaced images cover every inch of the column leaving no clue as to what they might have once been. Several open doorways lead out of the room, but they were obviously of little use to the orc corpses that litter the floor. Several bodies of reddish, leathery, octopus-like creatures are scattered about, one still attached to an orc’s head. Tukk again being the first to enter the room sees several rats strewed amongst the room, eating the corpses of dead orcs. All of them look up at Tukk and hiss, but not one dares to leave it’s current meal behind.

Tukk thinking back to what Bragdor had said about the rats being a source of food, charged in and began to beat the rats down. He had enough rations to sustain himself, but was sure that the others were beginning to run a bit low. The party entered the room behind Tukk and began working on dispatching the rats as well. Althalus, wanting to make up for his past blunder with the mosquitoes preps a bolt and aims at the rat sneaking up behind Adonnick. The bolt flies true to it’s mark, Adonnick’s back.

Adonnick turns around enraged and yells “What the hell do you think you are doing you fucking elf!”

Disabling the rats Tukk chants “Shoot the rat, make it splat, not the man, if you can!”

Daenerys giggles at Tukk’s lyrical rhymes. After making short work of the soon to be buffet of rats, Tukk began gathering the weapons of the fallen orcs and started a small fire to cook the rats. While Bragdor may be fine with eating his rats raw, Tukk knew that they couldn’t afford to become ill not if they wanted to get out of this dungeon soon and better yet alive.
Experience Gained:
Adonnick(378) += 230
Althalus(375) += 228
Daenerys(375) += 229
Tukk Tukk(401) += 244



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