The World's Largest Dungeon

Day 1: Trapped!

Day 1

Our adventure begins inside of a nearby cave where our adventurers meet for the first time all trying to avoiding a passing storm. Bound under storm-peace the adventurers decide to swap stories of past explorations and begin to grow quite restless. They begin to explore their surrounds.

Upon further inspection of the room the adventurers stumble upon two doors one to the north, and one to the east. Althalus, the Grey-Elf Thief, decides that the northern door would be the better of the two and Tukk Tukk agrees.

The door slides open uncontested and melds into a barrier overlaying the threshold. A small rat scurrying by is the first one through the threshold. Followed by the adventurers shortly after. The new room is consumed with an eerie darkness, and the adventurers hear a stifled cough letting them know they are not alone.

Althalus and Tukk Tukk investigate the noise, inching ever closer to three orc warriors. All looking rather worse for wear. The largest of the orcs looks towards Tukk Tukk, a fellow orc(half), and requests that he end their lives. Althalus is the first to strike, tired of their depressing attitudes he lodges a bolt into the throat of one of the orcs. None of the other orcs move, as the fallen orc smiles and mouths what appears to be “thank you” to Althalus.

“Just what has happened here?” Adonnick asks the orcs, He senses that something is wrong with this place. The only response he receives is “You will see…” as Tukk Tukk’s mighty battle axe lands across the neck of the last orc. Tukk Tukk, no longer wanting any part of this dungeon attempts to leave the way they came through. Only to find that there is no sign of the door, anywhere… Daenerys mutters under her breath upon hearing this news.

Althalus mentions that they should probably find a way out and begins trying out the doorways in the room, as Adonnick tries to find out what might have been ailing the orc warriors. Althalus’s search down one corridor returns a room filled with a foul stench, and what appears to be troglodyte remains, and another room whose door appears to be locked.

Daenerys chimes in that perhaps they should look for the key, it has to be somewhere. Adonnick reports that the bodies had no key on them, a side note from his evaluation of the corpses, and decides to keep the information he gathers about the orcs to himself… no need to cause more panic to this fine mess they are already in.

After setting off numerous traps, and finding some more corpses the group stumbles upon some tools in an abandoned storage room, but no key. Daenerys has an idea, and shares with the group that perhaps they can use the tool kit to break the hinges off of the door! The others agree excitedly. Making their way back to the door, Daenerys begins to smash off the hinges, one by one, the bashing sound echoes throughout the room.

The door falls to the ground in front of them, and out pours a swarm of fiendish rats. However, the group makes short work of them, Tukk Tukk in particular. Entering the room everything appears in order, except the remnants of what was an orc warrior. His hand is outstretched in the direction of the doorway the Adventurers just walked through. Upon further examination of the corpse it appears that there are several holes in the corpse’s neck, arm, and leg. Each hole also has up to eight smaller, rough punctures near it almost as if ripped by pincers.

The group is baffled, none able to identify what could have caused these wounds. Tukk Tukk’s eyes widen, he has seen wounds like this before. Tukk Tukk’s eyes immediately scan the ceiling and walls, he sprints off through the next doorway as if searching for something Adonnick follows closely behind. However, before Adonnick can make it through the room is blanked in darkness, and Daenerys and Althalus still examining the corpse feel tentacles brushing against their head. Althalus shouts out that something is in there with them, Adonnick needing no other warning immediately rushes blindly through the doorway. Tukk Tukk begins shouting telling the two elves to follow the sound of his voice.

Althalus and Daenerys quickly obliged and emerged into the new room with Adonnick and Tukk Tukk, followed by their assailant, a Fiendish Darkmantle. A swift bash from Adonnick sends it spiraling into a nearby wall, lifeless.
Experience Gained:
Adonnick(93) += 93
Althalus(96) += 96
Daenerys(91) += 91
Tukk Tukk(100) += 100


Sweetness, now all we have to do is live….

Day 1: Trapped!

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